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Interview with John Popadiuk Jr on 9/19/2014 @ Zidware

< MP3 Part ONE: just around 20 minutes!>
< MP3 Part TWO: just around 36 minutes!>

MANY more interviews to come in the future.
Most will go to YouTube primarily but putting more on MP3 in the future!

Interviews with George Gomez (VP of game development at Stern Pinball)

Interviews with Gary Stern (Founder and CEO of STERN Pinball)

Interviews Jack Guarnieri (Founder and CEO of Jersey Jack Pinball)

Interview with Charlie Emery (Head of SPOOKY Pinball)

Interview with Charlie Emery (Head of SPOOKY Pinball) & Scott Danesi (Designer)

Interviews Andrew Heighway (Founder and CEO of HEIGHWAY Pinball)

Interview with Roger Sharpe (Pinball Designer, Licensing Specialist and Spokesman)

Interview with Steve Ritchie (Pinball & Arcade Designer as well as named Mortal Kombat and Announcer Voice)

Interview with Ben Heck (Pinball designer and electronics mod guru)

Interview with Scott Danesi (Pinball designer and Electronic music guru)
Hosted by Imoto Arcade.

Interview with Scott Danesi (Pinball designer and Electronic music guru)
and Matt Andrews (Pinball artist) hosted by Imoto Arcade.

Interview with John Trudeau (Pinball Designer)

Interview with Dennis Nordman & Greg Freres (Pinball Designer and Artist)

Interviews Joe Balcer (Pinball Designer)

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Interview with Mike Vinikour (Pinball Developer)

Interview with Josh Sharpe (IFPA pinball tournament head dude)

Interview with Christopher Franchi (Pinball Artist of Batman 66/Guardians of the Galaxy/Munsters/Beatles)

Interview with "Dirty" Donny Gillies (Pinball Artist of Metallica/Aerosmith/Can Crusher)

Interview with Tim Arnold (Owner of the Pinball Hall Of Fame)

Interview with Steve Epstein (Owner of the New York City Broadway Arcade)

Interview with Todd Tuckey (TNT Amusements Arcade and Pinball Dealer)

Modern Firepower Custom Interview

Interview with Tim of Fernandina Pinball Museum

David Silverman of National Pinball Museum

Interview with Stephen Keeler of Rock Fantasy

Interview with TC of Ashville Pinball Museum

Interview with David Shields of Flippers Arcade

Interview with Paul of Pinball Parlour

Interview with Bill of Wild Bill's Variety Store

Interview with Zespy of Logan Arcade

Interview with Leon of Southern Pinball Festival

Interview with Jack of Gamewarp

Interview with Matt Malone

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